J.B. Wyble & Associates

7950 Norfolk Ave. 2nd floor

Bethesda MD 20814

tel: 301-654-1410

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James B. Wyble, P.E

J. Thomas Wyble

J.B. Wyble & Associates

MEP Consulting Engineers

J.B. Wyble & Associates, P.A. was formed October 8, 1952 and has maintained a continuous fully staffed professional office in Bethesda, Maryland and is currently licensed in 14 states. A family business covering two generations with Jim and Tom Wyble continuing the well respected practice established by their dad Jerry Wyble.  During the past 61 years, the firm has provided numerous clients with their engineering expertise in the design of plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems for new construction and building renovations.  Our extensive experience in a variety of different types of buildings can be seen on the projects page and the firm prides itself on meeting the client’s design schedule while providing a high level of engineering service at competitive rates.